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Electfried & Darkbyte The Sandbox.TK

Angry The Sandbox TK (Kid Friendly)  .... A Place Where Your Ip Will Be Exposed For Breaking The Server Rules... (Or Having A Different Viewpoint Than Me...  
[Image: Ye9BEHD.png]
[Image: Kid-Friendly-Triad-Logo-White-Sm.png]
[Image: JnJUMTU.png]
Freaky Disconnect Message for a "Kid Friendly" server O_O

[Image: uBmMHq3.png]
[Image: X5txOVl.jpg]
[Image: 5E5E6U5.png]

[Image: cwuj0LM.png]

[Image: 7faPAok.png]

Now Im Sure You May Be Wondering... Who TF Is Lisa VMT?! What Is His Problem!?

LisaVMT (Dr Lisa Cuddy++) Cuddy (Which is his main alias on his server, but also known as...)


Is the founder and creator of The Sandbox.TK, with Electfried (I Will Cover Him Later..) as the co-owner. Lisa VMT's main alias outside of The Sandbox.TK (Kid Friendly) is "Darkbyte" and is well known in the garry's mod cheating scene, as well as on Facepunch (currently down) & Propkill community  as a notorious cheater and somebody who ddoses and doxes people. In general, just a toxic person to be around and engages in malicious activities, while also promoting this sort of behavior to the future administrators on his server. If you join this server and ask about Darkbytes whereabouts, you will be greeted with one of the following replies from high-ranking administrators in an attempt to hide his identity.

[*]local EmergencyReply = {

[*]"Darkbyte? He doesn't come on much.",

[*]"Who is Darkbyte?",

[*]"Darkbyte only joins once a month. Lisa VMT is the owner",

[*]"He Doesn't Really Come On Much. He Just Plays CSGO Mainly.",

[*]"Lisa VMT is the owner. Dark And Lisa are two diff people. Lisa is a girl" }

[*][Image: N7YOqtL.png]

A wonderful display of how manipulative darkbyte can be, grooming his own staff team whom I'm sure has put a lot of trust in him as a server owner. 

Electfried..  A Mathematician , LUA God , And Java Programming Specialist.
Electfried is the co-owner of this FINE establishment.. despite witnessing these actions from darkbyte, he not once attempted to stop him. I only provided about 6 screenshots, imagine the stuff I didn't get. This Guy is A Sinewave Expert. For Any Information Regarding Sinewaves, Watch Some Videos Below.. 
Contact Information: Add Me On Steam For Sinewave Related Questions (ONLY)
PS: (I Am A Furry But I Keep This Away From Most Of My Friends.)

Some mention worthy videos on this guy
I Think The SineWaves Are Getting Too His Head~~

Note: Sinewave Health Bar NOT supported past 100 health.
Compatible with: Windows 8, 10 (Working on Linux Distros) 

[Image: 7BcwTKE.png]
Check It Out Smile


Swag #driptoohard

UwU lmao

b1g lua botnet

good shit dude

:^) Rock


(07-31-2019, 10:02 PM)aliasing Wrote: FUCK SINE WAVES

same tbh

[Image: xj5or2zo.png]

sine wave gang

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